Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pug Stamps to Benefit Pug Rescue of New England

All Proceeds go to the Pug Rescue of New England
If you are interested, the stamps sets are $15 each or 2/$27. Shipping is $1.60 per stamp set.
Checks made payable to PRoNE can be sent to:

c/o Tammy Cooper
37 Woodlawn Street
Dedham, MA 02026
Details about the stamp sets:
This is a wonderful set of Pug stamps that really show the breeds personality.
These would be great stamps for anyone who loves dogs.
These would be great for "Puppy Announcements, Everyday Stamping, and More!"
Size: Total 4x4 inches
Tall Pug (1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches)Smiling Pug (2 inches x 1 1/2 inches)Words I love my Pug (1 inch x 1/2 inches)Paw Print (1/2 inch x 1/2 inch)Words The more people I meet the more I like my dog (2 inches x 1/2 inch)Standing Pug (1 inch x 1 inch)Side o'Pug (1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches)
Words "You should be jealous, I have the best Pug in the World" (1x2 inches)Running Pug with a Ball (1x1 1/2 inches)Come on Mom (2x2 inches)What? What did you say.. a Walk? (1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)Grass Tuff (1/2 x 1/2 inch)Man.. I can't run that fast.. sitting Pug (2 x2 inches)Light Bulb (1/2 x 1/2 inch)Let's Go for a Walk Words (1x1 1/2 inches)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jennifer McGuire & Cards for Kids

Some of you may follow Jennifer McGuire's Blog, she stamps for Hero Arts and is amazing. Well she does these card drives for Kids that are ill and here she is doing a card drive for a little girl named Grace who had a twin named Ellie who just lost her battle with cancer. Any of us who have twins in our families know just how close the bond between these children are, it goes way beyond sisters or brothers and much deeper than we can even imagine. Even though they are individuals they are like 2 people in one sometimes. I have twin nephews that I am close with and I have witnessed this bond that is unbreakable. So if you have just a free minute or maybe you have cards pre-made, it would be so wonderful if you could send a card for Grace. Click on the link for the details.

Maggie - My Neice's Baby

This paper is from the Webster's Pages Lullaby Lane. I absolutely LOVE these papers and now I've been able to use them. I used my vintage pink glimmer mist and a tattered angels glimmer screen at the top and added a little glimmer mist near the turtle. I used a wood heart that I had to glimmer mist a heart (with Viva Pink) on the bingo board, then added some more glimmer mist to it (vintage pink) to color in the heart. I also used Viva Pink to color my prima flowers then added some chunky glitter to have some added bling to it. Added some Prima Pearl swirls and the little saying is a fabric cutout that goes with the lullaby lane paper. The heart is a chip board heart, I painted it with my gold paint dauber then added some chunky glitter to it. I glimmer misted (iridescent gold) my leaves that I added to the flowers. I will post some close ups later.
So I was feeling creative last night and I whipped up a page in no time of my Nephew's Wedding Invitation to add to the book I made. I actually used the Lullaby Lane Paper and wait till you see it, I think it turned out really pretty and you'd never know it was suppose to be baby paper. The colors were just perfect so I couldn't resist! Had to let it dry but will take pics tonight

Monday, June 28, 2010

Webster's Pages

I don't know if any of you are in love with Webster's Pages the way I am. Their colors are just sooo vibrant and pretty. Well I was at Stampin and Scrappin Time on Friday and they have in the new Seaside Retreat. Check out the papers here

And these papers go so well with Tattered Angels Seaside Costal Breeze collection. They have glimmer screens, and glimmer glass, stamps and glimmer chips along with Bingo Boards. I've been waiting to get my hands on all the products. I was able to find some of the glimmer screens and a pkg of glimmer glass at We B Scrappin early on but have not seen any more since. And some of their summer colors which I bought At Stampin and Scrappin Time are just pefrect to use with these pages.

I have a few projects that I have to work on and get done before this weekend. I made a wedding album for my sister to give to my nephew of his wedding (she's giving it to them on their 5th anniversary this August) and I couldn't find my copy of the invitation to include in the book but she got her hands on one and brought it this weekend so I need to do a page or 2 for that and put it in the completed book. Then my neice and nephew graduated this past weekend and will be attending my nephews graduation party Saturday and I wanted to do a page with their graduation announcement and their senior picture on is an put it in a scrapbook frame for them to have for a memory. So I hope to get a couple other things posted this week that I did take pics of but will be busy working on my projects : ).

Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally My Pooh Bear Layout

Scroll down to the other posts to see the details of this layout.

Close ups - Pooh layout

here you can see I stiched around the edges of the paper, I cut out a piece of patterend Bo Bunny paper with a nestibilities die cut, the key is also a spellbinders die cut. The heart is a chip board heart from close to my hear that I painted with Claudine Helmsmith (sp) Studio paint.

I painted with the studio paint on some large bubble wrap then pressed onto my paper, then dipped a paper cup into the paint to make the large circles. I love the studio paint it really is worth the money and you can find it both at Stampin and Scrappin Time and at We B Scrappin.

Pooh Bear!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Broken promise again lol

I know I promised to post my layout of Pooh last night, and it didn't happen. I have to say that what I did last night was not something I was expecting. The carpenters were finally GONE! Other than the punch list of a few items that need to be fixed and the carpeting being put in the sun room is officially finished. So last night I was cleaning the new sun room and then we sat out on the new deck after it cooled off a bit and it was sooooo relaxing! Can not wait for my lounge chair to arrive, yeah I have it ordered but it will probably be 2 more weeks before it arrives. The gutters need to go up, the concrete patio needs to be put in and the landscaping needs to be done but people being in and out of my house that's DONE, lol. I know we will really enjoy it when we are finally able to use everything. I love to sit outside and read or look at a magazine so I'm already using the deck and I LOVE it so all the stress it brought getting it done was definitely worth it already. So anyways I will promise again to post some layouts tonight and this time I actually will!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bo Bunny

Ha, one of my very favorite paper lines is Bo Bunny. I'm not really sure why I like their products so much, if it's the colors they use or the fact that their paper is all card stock even the printed. I love to work with it a lot more than the patterned paper that is not cardstock. I think because I always have to glimmer mist everything and it tends the curl regular paper more, which is not always the look I want.

So just a little enabling (hee hee) check out the Bo Bunny Blog site, they have a neat technique on there right now - Stamping with plastic wrap and if you go here: you can get some free downloads.

Stampin and Scrappin Time has lots of Bo Bunny paper and accessories, they even carry their flowers and buttons and bling which I LOVE because they coordinate with their paper perfectly.

Tonight I will post a layout I did recently with some Bo Bunny paper, it's a cute picture of Pooh Bear that I scrapbooked, I love that pug boy lol.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stampin and Scrappin Time

I didn't even realize that I've never posted about Stampin and Scrappin time. In the summer I'm at camp most weekends and if not then super busy with family things, graduations etc. so I don't really get to the scrapbook stores as much. But Stampin and Scrappin Time is another one of my fav local stores and I've been watchin their blog they've got lots of stuff going on. Here is a link to it so you can check it out.

They don't have evening hours during the week so I can never make it there during the week darn work getting in the way of my fun time again!! haha, But Friday mornings they have a fun crop with Kathy who works at the store and its super super fun!!!! And Kathy is a riot, she always comes up with great ideas for our pages. Take a look at her blog she's has some awesome cards and layouts on it.

Promise to post something this week

OMG my scrap area, now it's getting me mad! I need my space back and uncovered!!!! Tonight it's going to happen no matter what. I have stuff all over and I can't even get to it there are sheets on every table, sheets covering my shelves. I've had to take things off the one wall where I had things hanging that I use. OMG I'm going insane not being able to get to my scrap stuff lol. So I do promise to post some projects this week. Currently working on a cute layout for my Great Neice's birth announcement. I think I may put it in a scrapbook page frame and give it to my neice to hang up.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crazy Busy

Well I fully intended to post some sort of layout this week but it hasn't happened, my scrap area is still 1/2 covered, grrrrr. If it's not done today (cause all that's left is just painting the ceiling area that they had to patch) I'm doing it myself lol. When the day/week has been really hectic I find it really relaxing to go down to my scrap area alone (well not completely I have anywhere from 3-4 pugs with me as well) and just play around with my craft stuff. Sometimes I just organize things and sometimes I paint, color, or glimmer mist embellishments, or try to create a new flower that I've learned in a book but no matter how little it is it just helps me unwind and feel at peace again. So that's what I did last night and I have the start of what I think is a really neat layout, it's going to include some new Bo Bunny that I got at We B Scrappin. The weather is rainy so pull out your craft stuff and start scrappin or crafting whatever you enjoy.
Here is a challenge for you all, Tim Holtz grunge roses. I've made them with cardstock and regular paper and they aren't that easy but look awesome when they are finished. I just bought some grunge paper and am going to try them with that to see if it's easier. Use scrappaper that way if it doesn't turn out right you aren't disappointed that you wasted the paper and if it turns out awesome add some GM or glitter or stickles and jazz it up : )

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Scrapbook area

Well my scrapbook area has been temporarily unavailable. As you know we are putting on the sun room and it is going to have a gas fireplace in it. Well of course where the gas line is run comes right thru the ceiling where my scrapbooking area is, sooooo. I've had to cover everything up for a few days so that nothing gets wrecked! Today they are suppose to be installing the fire place so maybe this week I will be able to uncover my stuff, but I won't do it until they finish patching the hole in the ceiling and everything is done cause I don't want anything to happen to my stuff. I think I have a couple projects that I have done that I haven't shared yet so I will try to post that this week when I get a free minute.

Other than that I wanted to share a "proud Mom" moment with you all. Elias has been pretty much working 7 days a week since basketball ended. He works M, W, F from 5-9pm at Delta Sonic, Saturdays and Sundays he works any where from 6 to 8 hours at Delta Sonic, Tuesday evenings after school he does his cleaning at the Apts for Dan and Thursday evenings he does his lawn mowing at 2 of Dan's properties and at our house. Soooooo Saturday when he was going to work he said I hope I get out early today and don't have to close. Well I guess when he was working he heard from some of the other employees that there were several people who didn't show up and/or didn't call in so they were short handed esp. for closing. Elias went to his boss and told him if he wanted him to he could take another break so he wouldn't go over 8hours (being a minor he can only work 8hrs in one day) and then he could stay to close for him. His boss was very happy and commented to him that he has a great work ethic for such a young person. Then proceeded to ask Elias how old he was and he told him he just turned 17 and his boss thought he'd just turned 18. Anyways I was so proud of him giving back because during basketball season there were many times when the coach would change practice last minute and his boss always let him go when he needed to. He has really made me proud!! : ) Thanks for listening to my brag!!

New Prima Designers

Below is a link to the new Prima Design Team, I didn't make the cut but it's okay everything happens for a reason so congrats to all the designers check out their beautiful work!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Altered bottle close ups

Altered bottle side view

This is a really easy project to do, you just take your scraps I also used some light blue and cream colored tissue paper that I had on hand. I used the studio matte finish and applied it to the back of the scraps then to the fronts and I layered them on to the bottle and just kept adding and layering until I got the look I wanted. I then added some Prima "say it in crystals" then some Prima flowers, leaves and some crystals and pearls to the neck of the bottle.

Altered Bottle

I decided to alter a bottle that I had saved and used in the past for a flower vase. This is a great shaped bottle, they are a little fatter than a wine bottle and just a little shorter. I drink a juice called Ningxia Red it is a health drink that is full of antioxidants and is really good for you so I always have these bottles if anyone wants one or 2 just let me know and I can save them for you.
Anyways I pulled out mys scraps bucket and just started ripping and tearing pieces that I wanted to use on this, I stayed with the theme of blues with a little pink because I'm going to take this up to our camp for a decoration up there and I've decorated with an pale aqua blue color.

Glimmer Glass

Here is a close up of the glimmer glass fish, I painted them with the Studio paints then glimmer misted the front of them with the iridescent gold gm.


Finally this uploaded the right way YEAH!!! I had a lot of fun making this layout, it's my first time using the tattered angels glimmer glass (the fish) they are really neat to work with. If you heat them with your heating tool they become flexible and you can shape them how ever you want. These photos are of my brother going down the water slide on the cruise we went on the pool on the ship had a slide. It was so hot being July in the Caribbean that we spent a lot of time in the pool when we were on board the ship.
The Prima paper I cut out the center and used the outside as a boarder, I layered it over a piece of textured cardstock that sprayed with glimmer mist and painted. Then I took a pencil and witht he eraser dipped it in white acrylic paint and dabbed it randomly on the page. I cut a few strips of cardstock and patterened paper and layered them at the top to kind of make a wave like pattern. Then addedt the fish and the flowers to dress it up a bit.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Splash - Layout

Okay so I've been messing around all morning to get this photo to post right side up, (so frustrating) so I'm going to post just the close up that I took so you could see the details and will fuss more with the whole photo tonight when I'm home from work. So here you can see I used some bubble wrap again ( I love this look) and painted it with a blue, green and a white in different spots then rubbed on my page to creat a textureed back ground. I actually glimmer misted the page first in clover, and sea glass just random to give it some shine. The paint actually dries pretty quickly so you don't really have to use a heat gun as that does tend to curl your page.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Baby is 17 today

Just wanted to wish Elias a Happy 17th birthday, it seems so weird like I really can't believe that he's 17. They grow up way to quickly!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Fun

So Saturday I was at Danielle's baby shower and her friend was there who had a 5 week old baby Gabriella, beautiful baby and beautiful name. Anyways naturally I sat right next to her so that I could hold her the minute she woke up! : ) I was lucky enough to be able to feed her and hold her most of the time.

Then Sunday I went to my brother's house to see my neice's new baby girl who is only 6 weeks old her name is Margaret aka Maggie, and she is soooooo adorable and sweet. I held her also the whole time, she was awake for awhile and has the most beautiful eyes!

Seems like everyone around me is having babies and I'm in heaven. Especially since my baby will turn 17 years old tomorrow : ).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mommy to be and baby book pictures

Here is the Mommy to be, she is so cute and tiny!

This page was painted with the new claudine hellmuth studio paints, I blended dash of red and painterly pink to make the hot pink color, then used the lettuce green dabber for the one side and the edges. I love the paint dabbers cause you can use them more like an ink (chalk ink) they dry really fast and you can just dab or swipe on what you want. Added lots of prima flowers and bling to make it super girly.

This page was actually an oops, I painted it with lettuce green paint dabber, then decided to add this texture to it, I will have to look up what it was called but I blended it with the green paint and well it did look awsomely (is that a word?) cool but it made the green a little drab and not the color I was looking for on this project so I used a pink colored paint to dab on the edges then covered the page with patterned paper, it turned out fine (thankgoodness!) Being a "girly" baby book I used a lot of my premade butterflies.

Baby Book

The first page here I painted with a snow cap white paint dabber, then added some chalk board glimmer mist, let dry then added the stickers.
The second page was cut out of patterned paper, added coordinating cardstock stickers. Added glimmer mist butterflies that I had previously made and saved. These were punched with the Martha Stewart butterfly punch, added some lace and prima bling to the butterflies

More baby book pics

This page was real simple, cut out of patterened paper, added cardstock sticker that coordinated "baby" to pink paper, added some stickers and a prima flower with a sticker flower over it, and an journal box

This page I cut out of patterened paper, glimmer misted again with Viva Pink, stamped "count the happies" on a strip of green paper then cut out and used a pop dot to stand out. Added some ribbon and scrunched it up then added a prima flower that I added some chunky glitter to.

Baby Shower and Baby Book

This weekend I went to Danielle's baby shower, and here is the baby book that I made for her
Here I started with patterened paper that I cut to shape of the book, glimmer misted with Viva Pink, added a cardstock sticker that went with the paper at the top "Sugar and Spice", added a bow with ribbon, then added some ribbon that I scrunched up. I had some glimmer misted butterflys that I had already done and added one and used a prima pearl to jazz it up a bit.

The new sun porch

These pics were the beginning stages, all the windows and most of the siding is on now, but I need to get some new pics of that to share. (Maybe when it stops raining : )

Lots to share

Okay so I've finally downloaded pics of the camp after it was painted. These pictures also show the plants/flowers that we planted Memorial Day Weekend. As you can see there is no mulch down, we bought so many plants there was no room in the truck for mulch so Dan had his workers bring some up and spread it last week. So next weekend I will get pics of that to share, I haven't even seen it myself so I'm anxious to see how good it looks!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working on a baby book

I'm working on a baby book (a mini album) for a friend who is having a baby girl the end of July. Her baby shower is this weekend so I need to get my butt moving. Last night I spent some time painting some of the chip board pages with different mediums and cutting some patterned papers to go over some of the pages. Tonight I will hopefully finish that up and be able to start embellishing. I will try to get pictures soon! It's so girly I can't wait to show you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My layout for the Prima Page Contest

So here is my page, it is a photo of my Parents, that was taken on a cruise. I've been scrapbooking them a lot lately, I think that I just realized that they are getting older and I don't have any pages done of them. I was kind of going for a vintage look here, although I think the photo is only a few years old.
Here I used that piece of textured sand paper that I have painted some white acrylic paint on to in and then layed it over spots that I wanted to have that texture be and just rubbed the back gently with my hand. Lifted it up and placed in another spot and repeated adding more paint as needed to get the look I wanted.

I glimmer misted some of the flowers with walnut gold to give them a little glimmer. Here you can see a close up of my large beautiful Prima flower.

I used that tattered leather glimmer mist on the leaves to tone down the bright green color that they were.

I have no idea why sometimes when I post things they turn sideways on me. Well anyways, happy was painted with black soot crackle paint, then I rubbed some white acrylic paint into the cracks and then spritzed with tattered leather glimmer mist to give it a little shine.


I know I've been MIA for a few days but I needed it. We went to camp for the long weekend and although I did bring my laptop I never turned it on. We did a lot of landscaping I planted 20 plants around the camp myself. It was extremely difficult as we have this large tree right next to the camp and so the ground is full of roots! But it will be worth it when they all start to bloom!

Will try to post some layouts tonight if I get a free minute