Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glimmer mist and glimmer glam

Here is a layout I did using lots of glimmer mist and glimmer glam. It turned out so girly just like my baby Niece Maggie

Here I used the glimmer mists masks and used the deep plum glimmer mist and sprayed over them. I stamped the numbers at the top and the bottom it's a Tim holtz stamp and I used antique linen distress ink. The butterfly that I sprayed up at the top I let dry then added some glue and some glitter glass that will antique as it ages around the butterfly. Used my thicker glitter letters to put Maggie's name on the page.

These were raw canvas butterflies that I colored the pink one I used lipstick pink glimmer glam and painted it on, sprayed it with water to make it spread throughout the butterfly. The purple one was sprayed with deep plum glimmer mist then after it dried I used the royal velvet glimmer glam around the edges to add more glimmer to it. I added the Prima pearls to the butterflies after gluing them together and then added the Prima swirls

Here are some punched out butterflies I did on raw canvas then put some lipstick pink glimmer glam on them and sprayed them with water to lighten them just a little. Then added some more Prima swirls.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just a quick Hello

Well I decided to re-arrange my scrapbook room / area last night at like 7:30pm. Dan decided to go back to work for awhile (big surprise there lol) so I went down to work on some projects that I've been doing. I've got like 3 or 4 different ones going on but have kinda hit like a road block. I think mostly because I haven't had the time to really work on things when the mood strikes me, and then when I have time I'm too tired.

So after sitting at my craft table for like 5 min and just being frustrated with too many random thoughts going thru my head. I decided that my craft area just wasn't working well the way I have it set up. I have 2 tables and instead of having them together to make a larger work space I have one in one area and one in another. So last night I decided to put them in the shape of an L that would make it more convenient for me when I'm working. I also decided to clean up my shelves and just do an over all reorganization of things. Plus one of my tables is just filled with stuff in bags, things I've recently bought or that people have given me or have had out for some reason and everything just needed to be put away. Well that I have not completely finish tackling - haha there are a lot of bags yeah I'm a compulsive scrapbook shopper I know. but shhhhh don't tell anyone!!

So then this morning, of course because I have to get up and go to work, I get this Awesome idea and all I want to do is get working on it. I went down to my craft area before I went to work and started on a little of it and then just popped home at lunch to let the pugs out and did a little more. I'm definitely going straight home from work and working on it while I've got the energy and the inspiration is still fresh.

I'm hoping that I will get to finish it tonight and still have time to share some pics of some projects I've still yet to share.

Oh so I just rambled on and forgot my whole point of this post. haha. Oh yeah....I love to organize my stash because I always find something I've forgotten about or didn't know I even still had. I found this set of my stickease (which are cardstock stickers) from close to my heart and they have rulers on them and some jean pockets just really neat stuff. And then I came across some word stickers I had that look very vintage and I know these are old because they were from back in the day when Scrapbook Creations was in North Syracuse and this was back when I first started scrapbooking. So I left them out in hopes that I will find a use for them as I really do still like them and what do you know I've held on to them so long that they've come back in style lol.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

6 X12 Canvas Layout

After taking the class with Donna Downey, I decided to purchase a 6 x 12 canvas scrapbook from Stampin and Scrappin Time. Since I don't really do a lot of layouts of Dan or Dan and myself, I thought it would be nice to have just an album of the 2 of us. This page here is my first page that I made for the album. Dan and I have been together for 11 years now, and he has been just an amazing person in my life. He seems to always be there to pick me up when I need it. We laugh together we, could talk for hours on end even though we are together every night and work together as well. He is my best friend and I really don't know how I ever got thru life with out him. I am so lucky to have found my sole mate in this life and I just adore him more everyday.
So this first page is a page of what Dan is to me. I am always telling him that he's my rock. I took a Donna Downey foam tree stamp, used my acrylic paints and applied paint to the stamp, then stamped it on the canvas page. I applied some more acrylic paint to the edges and sprayed it with a water bottle and let it drip down then also drip from the sides.
I bought some canvas at the fabric store and made these flowers. I cut a strip of canvas (and I did not make it straight just free hand cut it) added paint and some glimmer mist to the strip, sprayed it with a water bottle to make it bleed causing it to have darker and lighter areas. Dried it with my heat gun the twisted it up and coiled it around to form a flower. Added a Prima flower center and took another Donna Downey foam stamp that was a flower painted on some acrylic paint just on the stem and stamped it below the flower head. Repeated this with each flower. Then just took a paint brush and painted in some leaves.

The letters are Prima chip board letters and after adding them I felt the didn't stand out quite enough so I used a black pen and just traced around them. I have this quote book and I just cut out the quote that I liked, Inked the edges with frayed burlap and then glued it on to the page.

Friday, September 24, 2010

One more Pic - drippage

Donna Downey is famous for her word drippage (made up word) anyways I forgot this on my last post and wanted to show you a close up of it. This was the last step believe it or not. We lightly put acrylic paint on the very edges of the canvas then sprayed it with water so it would soak into the canvas edges. I choose to let it drip some from the top. then we heat dried it and we were done. Now I just need to get a frame for it as I'm going to hang this one on the wall.

I have a few more things to share but I this is my only day off and I want to get to the art store and a few other errands I need to run. So will try to post the rest before the end of the weekend.

Donna Downey - Layout

So here I snapped a shot of Donna while she was teaching us, she said we could take pics of whatever we wanted : )

Here is the Layout she taught us. The background is canvas with book text printed on it. We started by stamping the flowers on it using acrylic ink and a foam brush to put it on the foam stamp. Everyone else did there with the blue in the center, but I had to be different lol. Once we dried the flowers we took our iron ons and did the flowers first (the blue with the white dots and the inspire are all iron ons)

Then we created our flower, it was a printed canvas flower so we turned it over and inked the edges on opposite side, sprayed it with water and the the color bleed into the flower. Dried it added the center, glued it to our page, added the flower and pearl swirls (both Prima) then we added our photos. I choose to do a sepia copy of the photo of my oldest sister and myself. Since we were using the title inspire. And most people brought photos of themselves with things that they do that inspires them artistically but what came to mind for me is how my oldest sister inspires me. She has been an amazing role model for me growing up and although she probably doesn't know it she was always like a second mom to me. Sometimes when I'm sad or things go wrong all I wish is that she was here to talk to and to hug me. She lives in Cape Cod and so I typically only see her on holidays. She is the superintendent of schools in her area and I'm always so proud of all she's accomplished. She is married to the most wonderful man, who I've been around since I was 1 year old so to me his is as much my brother as my blood brothers are, and I love him dearly. So anyways I took the word inspire to mean someone who Inspires me.

Here you can see the baby's breath iron on flowers a little better, you can't really tell the difference between the iron ons and the stamped ones.

2nd Page of my Scrapbook Challenge

So here are some more pics of Elias as a baby. I was totally loving him doing these pages but boy oh boy is he a teenager sometimes and I just wanna send him to the moon lol! He really knows how to push my buttons and is definitely too much like me haha.

These pics are of him at 4 mos old. Smiling and happy : ), still trying to get some from every stage done and into a book for his graduation next summer, we'll see if it happens.
I bought this owl stamp some time ago at stampin and scrappin time and I just LOVE it, but haven't used it. I embossed it with black embossing powder onto the dot patterned paper and then embossed it again on a piece of cream colored cardstock, I cut the whole thing out of the dot paper then cut just the head out of the cream and glued it on top so that you could see the eyes and stuff more clearly

The owls I cut out of the fabric by hand just trimmed around each owl close to the design. One of the patterned papers in this set was a stripped sheet so I cut 1" strips and made a border around the whole sheet with them. I really like that look. Then one sheet has like 4 die cut squares on the opposite side and I cut 2 of them and trimmed them a little smaller and mounted my photos on those.

First up - My scrapbook Challenge

The last all day Crop that Karen and I went to, I was giving the girls at my table challenges through out the crop. haha I'm crazy like that. So Karen emailed me awhile before this crop and said she had a scrapbook challenge for ME lol. She's so funny. She bought me this adorable owl fabric and my challenge was to use it on a page. So my first thought was that I would use it as a border down one side or something well then I was thinking ...boring, so since I can't cut straight worth crap lol, I took out my creative memories cutters and the square template (it has rounded corners) and attempted to cut out one of the owls. Well low and behold it worked! So I cut out a bunch of them and some of the apples and put them together in a quilt like pattern and frayed the edges some, cause you know how I love everything distressed : )

This is an EK success border punch that I bought and I LOVE it

There's my lil green owl, isn't he cute : ). I just happened to have this paper the coordinated with it perfectly I think it's We R Memory Keepers, it's really bright and cheery!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Wow, it's been over a week since I last posted. I've been trying to get time to photograph the pages I did at the crop I attended but between being busy and it getting dark so much earlier in the evening it just hasn't happened. I can't seem to get good photos with the lighting in my house so I typically do it outside or in our sun room but that only works if it's day time lol. I will try in the next couple of days.

I had an amazing time at the Donna Downey class. I so wish that it happened on another weekend so that I could have taken a bunch of her classes. It really was amazing and she is such a sweet down to earth person. Was really a lot of fun. And I am now addicted to scrapbooking on canvas I'm going to have a hard time going back to paper. And I may not for awhile. It is just sooooo different and I just really really enjoy it. I had about a 1/2 and hour last night free, between loads of laundry so I was working on another 12 x 12 canvas page, so far basically have done the background and I'm sooo pleased with it, wait till you see it. So now I'm on a mission to find some raw canvas that I can cut my own 12 x 12 pages from because the pre printed sheets that prima sells are like $3.00 each and well that's just a little pricey, on top of the fact that they are printed and I want them plain. So anyways going to find some time in the next couple of days to head out to commercial art supply since I'm sure that they carry what I'm looking for.

The CROP was also a blast. Had a great time with Karen and it was too funny because we both got depressed on Sunday when it was getting time to get packed up to leave. Ha I never new others were like me in that sense. I so hate when I'm having a great time and it has to end! Well we have another crop coming up, that is put on by We B Scrappin at White Eagle the second weekend in October so I've got that to look forward to and definitely am!

Super busy couple of months here for me. Next weekend we need to get up to camp to get the boat and dock out (ugh, I hate this part!) Praying for no rain!! Got the crop at White Eagle coming up, Karen and I are suppose to be working on some things for the Pug Rescue for their big Pug Social (which I have not done anything to help yet, Karen's been doing it all herself, with a sick daughter - have I mentioned how wonderful this lady is??? Amazing!) Then Elias and I are going to be going to Albany for Albany University's Open house at the end of next month. My niece has a wedding to go to coming up so I will be babysitting one weekend, and Elias has been sooo busy with school that I've been helping him with his lawn mowing jobs, ugh. I need this crop next month to relax lol. Going to make sure I bring along some wine that I really enjoy so that I can have a few drinks and unwind! : )

So please check back I'm sure in the next couple of days I will have at least some of my projects posted maybe even tonight.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday......

Still not packed for the crop this weekend, but I did manage to get my stuff together last night for the Donna Downey workshop I'm doing tonight. Can't wait for that, then it's off to the crop. I have a bunch of things I've been working on but nothing finished so hopefully after a whole weekend of scrapbooking I will have some finished things to share. In the mean time I leave you with a few pics of my puggies I wanted to share. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Pooh Bear looking out from the blinds and Budha sitting on the rug.

Peachy taking a rest.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Senior Year

Well today was Elias' first day of his senior year. Yeah I still had to get a pic even though he's 17. I warned him the night before that I would be taking some pictures, I told him I might even cry lol (but I didn't, at least not till after he left, then I shed a few "my baby's all grown up", mama tears). He came up the stairs at like 6:15am and was out of the house by 6:30am as him and a bunch of his buddies were heading to Denny's for breakfast before their first day of school. So he was like come on mom get the camera lets get the photo shoot outta the way I gotta get going lol, gotta love teenagers : ).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Super Awesome Exciting Weekend Coming up

Okay so I'm a little excited it's Wednesday ALREADY, and I've got this fantastic weekend coming up.

Friday evening DONNA DOWNEY is coming to Stampin and Scrappin Time, well actually she will be there thru Saturday as well teaching classes. If you are local and are interested in attending you can still sign up here is the link

This is the class I'm attending: the life inspired workshop. I would have really liked to do the inspiration journal but won't be able to this time BECAUSE..........................

The rest of my exciting Weekend planned, I will be at CROP-A-LOT, with the greatest scrappin Buddy of all time, my friend Karen. We always have sooooo much fun together and we haven't spent nearly enough time together this summer so it is going to be so wonderful to be able to spend a whole weekend together just catching up. Karen is such a sweet and caring person I'm lucky to have her in my life. And the fact that she loves to scrapbook as much as I do is just an added bonus! We actually met at a crop held by Karen Barber, CTMH consultant a few years back, and I'm so glad that we did!

Going to take a nap Friday so that I can stay up late Friday night to scrapbook at our crop!! : )

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Okay a couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to be the winner of some great scrapbooking items on Vicki Chrisman's blog here:

So last night I took a few minutes to use some of my new goodies. I was a little tired to embark on a whole layout so I decided to just make a couple tags that I will later put on a couple layouts.

These tags were in my goodie box, they are from Tattered Angels. I'm trying to work on some of Elias' basketball photos and articles so I decided to make this tag to put on a layout. It seems that everything we have is always so girly with flowers and lacy etc. So I took some raw canvas and cut it to fit over the tag. Then frayed the edges a little. I distressed the edges of the card and the canvas with walnut distress ink. I took my orange and espresso acrylic paint dabbers and dabbed all over the canvas. I sprayed it with some crushed shells GM and candle light GM and then spritzed it with water to make it all run. I heat dried glued it to the tag, then stamped this basketball boarder all over it, stamped "basketball" at the bottom. Added the basketball stickers I've been hoarding for years (lol), and the 3 large eyelets.

Here I started with stamping the white heart with embossing ink then using white embossing powder. The sprayed viva pink and ripetide blue GM and sprayed the whole tag in different areas with both colors. Then I took a script stamp and used my walnut distress ink and stamped over the entire tag. Used the walnut to distress the edges of the tag a little as well. Then took a piece of the blue pink paisley paper from the 6x6 paper pack that I won, embossed with white embossing powder the key stamp from my tattered angels set and cut it out.

Here I took a page from an old book and used my walnut and vintage pink GM to give it an old look, then stamped my saying on it, masking off the "you". I kinda crinkled it up as I glued it to the page and curled the corner down.
Here I took the heart from the stamp set I won, made a mask for the inside of the heart and stamped 2 hearts over lapping on a piece of canvas, I cut them out then I took some acrylic paints and added some paint tot he heart, sprayed it with water and let it run. Dabbed it off and dried it then stamped the same script over the hearts. Used my distress ink on the edges and again kinda crumpled it up some when gluing it on. Added the U from my Prima stash and glued on the key. Thanks so much Vicki for all the wonderful items!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vicki Chrisman's Color Challenge

So anyone who follows Vicki's Blog here: could try her color challenge at home. So I selected no. 1 (I actually wanted to do more than one but I just didn't end up having the time) so I selected the one that gave me the most challenge. Pictured below are the colors that were to be used,
Here is a link to the post she did on color, take a minute to read it, it's actually really interesting!

I'd like to know what are the favorite colors of my blog followers, mine is purple, although I do tend to reach for blues and greens a lot as well. If you have a minute post your fav color in the comments section here.

Now on to my challenge, surprisingly I actually had just bought some of this paper I used, from We B Scrappin and so was excited when I saw that they had included the colors for my color challenge.

I used 2 page maps from the Close to my heart "originals" layout book. I really like this book because it gives really simple and easy layouts without a lot of cutting. And then you can add to it whatever you want but just gives you the basic design. And of course gives you the cutting dimensions which I always nice. Thanks to taking scrapbook classes in the past with Karen Barber, Close to my Heart Consultant, I've learned to use a ruler, haha, and more importantly how to use the ruler on my cutter : ).

The brown monkey's is a patterned paper that I cut in half and the back of it was the brown that you see next to it on the same layout. I adhered both pieces to a piece of neutral card stock. I attached a piece of blue ribbon down the center then the green over it. The green has like a circle pattern in it, it's kinda cool. Then I had one piece of patterned paper that had borders on it, so I cut the Monkey strip and used it for a border across the top, lucky for me the paper had 2 strips of the monkey border so I could use it on the adjoining layout. I cut matching green card stock paper to mount my photos on. I used my creative memories circle cutter for the photo at the top and the card stock it's mounted on. The monkey in the circle I used a card stock sticker from October Afternoon, cut a circle to fit inside the green border it had then embossed a stamped monkey on the orange paper with CTMH cocoa embossing powder. The "you make me smile" in the center is a rub on that I put on another card stock sticker from October Afternoon.
Of course I only bought ONE (scrapbooking faux pas) of the monkey paper. Mainly because I didn't really know if I'd use it but I really like it lol. So I created my own monkey paper here. I used this really cute stamp set from Close to My heart called It's a Zoo and you can find it here: they have some other cute animal ones too but this one is my fav. The animals are great for kids cards, I used the giraffe for a baby card, just really cute!
So I used my new Tim Holtz embossing pad(don't know why I never had this pad before always used versamark) but I LOVE this pad, it's so juicy and really gives you time to get your embossing powder down! I used CTMH's star spangled blue embossing powder and just stamped my little monkey randomly. The card stock I used was a textured so the Monkey didn't come out perfectly embossed in everyone but I kinda like it like that.

This square was a die cut that I bought came in a pkg of 12 for each month of a babies first year. The brads are doodle bug that I've had for quite awhile just waiting for something special to use them on. The corner piece is another card stock sticker.

I used several little Making Memories clips on the papers, I really like them they are tiny and cute!
The animals you see in the background were cut out of some patterned paper I have. The wild and crazy is stamped on another October Afternoon card stock sticker. The Mischief is a rub on and the orange is just a circle cut out of card stock put on top of another card stock sticker.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend Crop to Benefit the Pug Rescue

Pugapalooza 4
What: A Weekend Scrapbooking Crop to Benefit Pug Rescue of New England

When: Friday, November 5th thru Sunday, November 7th 2010

Where: Courtyard by Marriott Boston/Woburn North
700 Unicorn Park Drive
Woburn, MA 01801

Cost: Full Weekend (2 pm Friday through 4 pm Sunday) for $150.00
Saturday Only 8am to Midnight (includes dinner) for $80.00
Register Now to Reserve Your Space!

All proceeds from this event will go to the Pug Rescue of New England!
Your crop fee includes a goodie bag, a free entry to a great raffle, Make & Takes, Breakfast Saturday morning, Dinner Saturday night, Breakfast Sunday morning, Contest Entries, and 24 Hour scrapping access for the weekend.
We hope you'll join us as we get together to raise money
for the Pug Rescue of New England!

Reserve your space now by mailing a deposit of $50 payable to PRoNE to:
Tammy Cooper
37 Woodlawn Street
Dedham, MA 02026

The remainder of your crop fee will be due by 10/15/10.

You will need to make your own room arrangements with the hotel by calling 781-938-9001.
We have reserved a block of rooms at the rate of $109 per night.

Our vendors will be doing some fabulous make and takes as well as teaching some great techniques with their products.

Our Vendors:
Christine Belmonte – My Paper-Crafting
Pam Berger – Creative Memories
Amy Palmeri – Close to My Heart
Tammy Cooper – Pinecone Press
Sara McKenzie – Stampin Up
AND…you won’t want to miss the TONS of RAFFLES
including our grand prize…
A Brand New
Cricut Expression!!
This crop is a total BLAST, if anyone is possibly thinking of getting away for a weekend crop this is the one to do. And the best part is that all the proceeds go straight to the Pug Rescue of New England to help lots and lots of pugs. Here is their website if you want to check them out
I am going to be driving there from NY along with my friend Karen. I so hope that anyone possibly considering a weekend crop comes to this one, I'd love to see all of you and I'm telling you this is the place to be! We scrapbook, we talk, we have drinks, we stay up all night, and we just have a total blast. The raffles are UNBELIEVABLE, I can't even begin to tell you how awesome the raffles are and there are so many that you go home with WAY more than you came with lol. Snacks and food like you wouldn't believe it's an extremely well put on weekend crop. Hope you will join us!