Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lots of Pics - And a big thank you to all who donated to Pugapalooza 5

So I have been MIA for most of the summer and now most of the fall.  I thought that once Elias went to college I was suppose to have more time ha, fat chance of that.  Below is a pic from this summer of Budha laying in the grass enjoying the sunshine by our patio.
Here is a pic in our back yard of a deer - we live in a very very residential area and the woods behind my house is very shallow so for us to have a deer in it was pretty cool! 
 And we also have baby turkeys, not sure if you are able to see them back in the clearing, the larger one up front is the mama - she's pretty small as well and only had 2 babies, then there was another larger mama with 4 babies not in this pic.  Whenever I see them I go out and throw them some bread, makes the pugs made they want whatever I'm giving the turkeys lol
Here is a pic of my new love, pumpkin spice latte.  Maxwell house has some that you can make at home, so yummy, love this in the fall!
 Made some fall cupcakes awhile ago. Last night I made an apple pie, but no pics.  I was lucky to get it done and out of the oven by 10pm before I went to bed :)
And because I'm still blog challenged here is a pic of the coffee mix that I made the pumpkin spice latte with in the above pic.  They sell it at Target, I couldn't find it at Wegmans, I'm sure there must be other stores out that that have it though.
A paper flower I made from 2 different flower punches.  I had downloaded a bunch of pics of things I made etc and of course we got a new computer and I lost a bunch of my pics I had saved stupid me for not backing up ugh so pics of how I made this, sorry!
 Did up Halloween care packages for Elias and his girlfriend who are both away at college last week and sent them to them.  I Enclosed a Halloween card for each of them.  Andrea's was the little purse below, inside the paper had skulls and was pretty cute.  Sent Elias a little pumpkin, a little skull I found that blinks on and off.  Along with some fresh apple and a variety of teas, you wouldn't think that most kids including his roommates would find what I sent appealing, but they were all hovered around he said saying "your mom sends you the coolest stuff" , made my day!!! :)
Here is a pic of the fountain at Suny Albany when I took Elias over the summer for orientation.
Here is a pic of Elias with the SUNY Albany Mascot - the great dane - This was at orientation in July
And last but not least the Graduates.  Seems like so long ago now!

Well I'm headed off for a weekend crop in MA this Thursday, Pugapalooza a fundraiser for the pug rescue of New England.  Going to be a blast can't wait to see all my MA peeps!!!  I wanted to give a quick shout out to all my friends who donated some scrapbooking goodies for our raffles:  Karen Barber, CTMH Consultant,  Kathy Greenia - Stampin and Scrappin Time in Bridgeport, NY, and Kathy Coogan - We B Scrappin.  Thanks so much ladies, you are all a huge help in raising money for PRoNE and helping all those puggies that are in need!  I can't express my gratitude enough!!!