Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog to share and Getting ready for my final crop of the year

Hi everyone, this past month has been so super busy for me with crops, and getting Elias ready for college you name it, it's happened.

I was lucky enough 2 weekends ago to spend the day with my niece's baby Maggie. The one on the previous layout. She is now 6months old and just full of energy. Not crawling yet but will be any day now for sure. She is such a happy little girl, my niece a single mom (with no dad in the picture has done an amazing job with her!) you can totally tell that this little girl is spark in her step. She was so funny trying to grab the pugs as they would come near her not knowing really what to do with them, haha wait till next time when she can actually "go after them" lol that will be a site.

This past Saturday Elias and I made a trip to Suny Albany for a college visit. We got a nice campus tour and some more info on the program he's thinking about going into. He wants to do some type of Engineering but he's just not 100% sure yet and if not that something to do with math or physics. The campus was really nice, and their rooms were as well so much nicer than even when I went to college, but I think the Suny schools really have a lot nicer stuff anyways I went to LeMoyne and the rooms were tiny lol.

So I spent the rest of the weekend finishing up make and takes for the crop coming up and putting together some more raffle prizes. I'm hoping to completely finish tonight, and finish packing all my stuff by Tuesday night so all that will be left to do is pack my clothes and stuff. Plus I will have to get all the dogs food ready before I go because I feed raw and Dan will not cut up raw meat (lol) .

So I wanted to share a blog I've shared before but I just love her stuff "Rebecca" check out these flowers then go to the previous post to see how she used them on a layout. I guess I just really like these cause they are so rustic looking and if you have time you have to go to even the post before that her daughter is dressed up for Halloween and I just think that this photo of her is just amazing, to me she reminds me of one of the Models (a very young one : ) on America's next top model, you know how they dress them up in different costumes sometimes and then do a photo shoot, I mean you gotta just see this photo and her eyes in this it's really awesome! here is the link

If I'm lucky and get everything done as planned I'm trying to take off Thursday as kinda a rest up day before the long 5 1/2 hour trip on Friday morning. We are planning to leave at 6am so that we can be there by noon, I typically try to get there early to help set up if I can. Then will have lunch with my friend Jeanne who I haven't see since last year. So was to work at 6am today so that I can get enough done this week to take off Thursday, if that happens I may get a chance to post before I leave for my trip.

Have a great day everyone and Scrap Like No One is Watching : )


  1. Oh fantastic blog you shared! WIll have to check it out!

  2. thanks for the link and good luck looking at schools for your son- My baby is out of state and I am missing him so much- gees- u would think I would be over that! Have fun lunching out with your buddy!

  3. Hello :)
    You have been busy..always such a job to get kids ready for college! Thanks for stopping by Vicki's blog and leaving a sweet comment :)