Monday, October 4, 2010

Some old pictures

I was looking thru the pics on my camera phone and found these. These were pics I took from last Valentine's Day. (I know I still have a fall table cloth on shhhh hee hee)

Dan always buys me a dozen of the biggest chocolate covered strawberries I've ever seen every year. This tradition started after our first Valentine's day together. He bought me a dozen roses and although they were very beautiful I kinda felt like - where's the thought in that. Don't get me wrong I did not make him feel like he didn't get me something nice it's just the next year, I said you know I would really like it if you did something besides flowers. I mean flowers are nice but I'd like something different something special that isn't usual. Then he of course (not being all that creative haha) said well like what well what came out of my mouth was "how about a dozen chocolate covered strawberries" not thinking that each year it'd be a tradition from then on. So for several years after he was in search the "best" chocolate covered strawberries he could find. He found this Older Italian guy (Dan is Italian too) where he now gets them and he won't tell me who he is or where he gets them. So they are very very special to me each year and let me tell you are they are as good as they look!!! yummy!

Friday when I was on the computer, I looked over to find Pebbles laying like this in the cozy cave bed, haha what a goof!

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  1. hahah Izzy does that all the time.. she has her back legs in the bed and is stretched out on the floor otherwise. Too cute.