Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday

Had a nice weekend, after the crazy hectic week last week. Went to breakfast with Dan yesterday @ Panara Bread. Spent a lot of time outside Saturday with the pugs since it was so beautiful. Dan got the beneficial nematodes spread in the yard yesterday and finished just before it started to rain, YEAH!

I have been working on a few layouts this weekend and will try to get them posted tonight. I'm not having the best luck photographing my work so that you can really see all the details on the page so if anyone has any tips for me, ie: lighting, background etc. please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Went to Michael's this weekend and was so surprised that they had gotten in a new stash of Prima Flowers, so I picked up a few of those and you will see some of them in the layouts I've been working on. Check back this evening for some pics of the layouts, in the mean time I leave you with a pic of my 3 baby girl pugs : )


  1. Okay- WHAT are beneficial nematodes?

  2. Ha ha they are microscopic parasites that kill lots of bugs such as fleas, ticks, grubs, lots and lots of bugs but there are just a few so we spread these instead of treating the yard with poison since these aren't harmful to pets or people : ). It's all about the pugs you know!!