Thursday, June 24, 2010

Broken promise again lol

I know I promised to post my layout of Pooh last night, and it didn't happen. I have to say that what I did last night was not something I was expecting. The carpenters were finally GONE! Other than the punch list of a few items that need to be fixed and the carpeting being put in the sun room is officially finished. So last night I was cleaning the new sun room and then we sat out on the new deck after it cooled off a bit and it was sooooo relaxing! Can not wait for my lounge chair to arrive, yeah I have it ordered but it will probably be 2 more weeks before it arrives. The gutters need to go up, the concrete patio needs to be put in and the landscaping needs to be done but people being in and out of my house that's DONE, lol. I know we will really enjoy it when we are finally able to use everything. I love to sit outside and read or look at a magazine so I'm already using the deck and I LOVE it so all the stress it brought getting it done was definitely worth it already. So anyways I will promise again to post some layouts tonight and this time I actually will!

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