Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mommy to be and baby book pictures

Here is the Mommy to be, she is so cute and tiny!

This page was painted with the new claudine hellmuth studio paints, I blended dash of red and painterly pink to make the hot pink color, then used the lettuce green dabber for the one side and the edges. I love the paint dabbers cause you can use them more like an ink (chalk ink) they dry really fast and you can just dab or swipe on what you want. Added lots of prima flowers and bling to make it super girly.

This page was actually an oops, I painted it with lettuce green paint dabber, then decided to add this texture to it, I will have to look up what it was called but I blended it with the green paint and well it did look awsomely (is that a word?) cool but it made the green a little drab and not the color I was looking for on this project so I used a pink colored paint to dab on the edges then covered the page with patterned paper, it turned out fine (thankgoodness!) Being a "girly" baby book I used a lot of my premade butterflies.

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