Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crazy Busy

Well I fully intended to post some sort of layout this week but it hasn't happened, my scrap area is still 1/2 covered, grrrrr. If it's not done today (cause all that's left is just painting the ceiling area that they had to patch) I'm doing it myself lol. When the day/week has been really hectic I find it really relaxing to go down to my scrap area alone (well not completely I have anywhere from 3-4 pugs with me as well) and just play around with my craft stuff. Sometimes I just organize things and sometimes I paint, color, or glimmer mist embellishments, or try to create a new flower that I've learned in a book but no matter how little it is it just helps me unwind and feel at peace again. So that's what I did last night and I have the start of what I think is a really neat layout, it's going to include some new Bo Bunny that I got at We B Scrappin. The weather is rainy so pull out your craft stuff and start scrappin or crafting whatever you enjoy.
Here is a challenge for you all, Tim Holtz grunge roses. I've made them with cardstock and regular paper and they aren't that easy but look awesome when they are finished. I just bought some grunge paper and am going to try them with that to see if it's easier. Use scrappaper that way if it doesn't turn out right you aren't disappointed that you wasted the paper and if it turns out awesome add some GM or glitter or stickles and jazz it up : )


  1. You never mention Stampin' & Scrappin' Time??
    Kathy ):

  2. Love your blog- I am ALSO a pug mommie and I NEED to get a few more! he he he! SHE is my baby now...also Love how you brag about your son..sweet! Your glass bottle is VERY COOL! :)