Monday, June 14, 2010

My Scrapbook area

Well my scrapbook area has been temporarily unavailable. As you know we are putting on the sun room and it is going to have a gas fireplace in it. Well of course where the gas line is run comes right thru the ceiling where my scrapbooking area is, sooooo. I've had to cover everything up for a few days so that nothing gets wrecked! Today they are suppose to be installing the fire place so maybe this week I will be able to uncover my stuff, but I won't do it until they finish patching the hole in the ceiling and everything is done cause I don't want anything to happen to my stuff. I think I have a couple projects that I have done that I haven't shared yet so I will try to post that this week when I get a free minute.

Other than that I wanted to share a "proud Mom" moment with you all. Elias has been pretty much working 7 days a week since basketball ended. He works M, W, F from 5-9pm at Delta Sonic, Saturdays and Sundays he works any where from 6 to 8 hours at Delta Sonic, Tuesday evenings after school he does his cleaning at the Apts for Dan and Thursday evenings he does his lawn mowing at 2 of Dan's properties and at our house. Soooooo Saturday when he was going to work he said I hope I get out early today and don't have to close. Well I guess when he was working he heard from some of the other employees that there were several people who didn't show up and/or didn't call in so they were short handed esp. for closing. Elias went to his boss and told him if he wanted him to he could take another break so he wouldn't go over 8hours (being a minor he can only work 8hrs in one day) and then he could stay to close for him. His boss was very happy and commented to him that he has a great work ethic for such a young person. Then proceeded to ask Elias how old he was and he told him he just turned 17 and his boss thought he'd just turned 18. Anyways I was so proud of him giving back because during basketball season there were many times when the coach would change practice last minute and his boss always let him go when he needed to. He has really made me proud!! : ) Thanks for listening to my brag!!

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