Sunday, September 26, 2010

6 X12 Canvas Layout

After taking the class with Donna Downey, I decided to purchase a 6 x 12 canvas scrapbook from Stampin and Scrappin Time. Since I don't really do a lot of layouts of Dan or Dan and myself, I thought it would be nice to have just an album of the 2 of us. This page here is my first page that I made for the album. Dan and I have been together for 11 years now, and he has been just an amazing person in my life. He seems to always be there to pick me up when I need it. We laugh together we, could talk for hours on end even though we are together every night and work together as well. He is my best friend and I really don't know how I ever got thru life with out him. I am so lucky to have found my sole mate in this life and I just adore him more everyday.
So this first page is a page of what Dan is to me. I am always telling him that he's my rock. I took a Donna Downey foam tree stamp, used my acrylic paints and applied paint to the stamp, then stamped it on the canvas page. I applied some more acrylic paint to the edges and sprayed it with a water bottle and let it drip down then also drip from the sides.
I bought some canvas at the fabric store and made these flowers. I cut a strip of canvas (and I did not make it straight just free hand cut it) added paint and some glimmer mist to the strip, sprayed it with a water bottle to make it bleed causing it to have darker and lighter areas. Dried it with my heat gun the twisted it up and coiled it around to form a flower. Added a Prima flower center and took another Donna Downey foam stamp that was a flower painted on some acrylic paint just on the stem and stamped it below the flower head. Repeated this with each flower. Then just took a paint brush and painted in some leaves.

The letters are Prima chip board letters and after adding them I felt the didn't stand out quite enough so I used a black pen and just traced around them. I have this quote book and I just cut out the quote that I liked, Inked the edges with frayed burlap and then glued it on to the page.

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