Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just a quick Hello

Well I decided to re-arrange my scrapbook room / area last night at like 7:30pm. Dan decided to go back to work for awhile (big surprise there lol) so I went down to work on some projects that I've been doing. I've got like 3 or 4 different ones going on but have kinda hit like a road block. I think mostly because I haven't had the time to really work on things when the mood strikes me, and then when I have time I'm too tired.

So after sitting at my craft table for like 5 min and just being frustrated with too many random thoughts going thru my head. I decided that my craft area just wasn't working well the way I have it set up. I have 2 tables and instead of having them together to make a larger work space I have one in one area and one in another. So last night I decided to put them in the shape of an L that would make it more convenient for me when I'm working. I also decided to clean up my shelves and just do an over all reorganization of things. Plus one of my tables is just filled with stuff in bags, things I've recently bought or that people have given me or have had out for some reason and everything just needed to be put away. Well that I have not completely finish tackling - haha there are a lot of bags yeah I'm a compulsive scrapbook shopper I know. but shhhhh don't tell anyone!!

So then this morning, of course because I have to get up and go to work, I get this Awesome idea and all I want to do is get working on it. I went down to my craft area before I went to work and started on a little of it and then just popped home at lunch to let the pugs out and did a little more. I'm definitely going straight home from work and working on it while I've got the energy and the inspiration is still fresh.

I'm hoping that I will get to finish it tonight and still have time to share some pics of some projects I've still yet to share.

Oh so I just rambled on and forgot my whole point of this post. haha. Oh yeah....I love to organize my stash because I always find something I've forgotten about or didn't know I even still had. I found this set of my stickease (which are cardstock stickers) from close to my heart and they have rulers on them and some jean pockets just really neat stuff. And then I came across some word stickers I had that look very vintage and I know these are old because they were from back in the day when Scrapbook Creations was in North Syracuse and this was back when I first started scrapbooking. So I left them out in hopes that I will find a use for them as I really do still like them and what do you know I've held on to them so long that they've come back in style lol.

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