Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beaches and Babies

Last weekend we went to Green Lakes State park it is so beautiful here. We typically don't go to the beach because we have our camp but I really just wanted to go to the beach once this summer. So here are some photos from there
Dan sitting on the beach

They have so many beautiful places to walk, here were are down towards the end of the beach and then you get to the trails thru the woods

Here is a photo while we were walking on one of the trails in the woods

This is a pic from this old historic building they they have restored part of it to be use for parties and events
Here 2 trees were pulled right out of the water probably from the ice and snow last winter.

my niece getting ready for her walk in her stroller 2 weekends ago when I was babysitting her

Taking a nap, gotta love those baby from legs : )

Smiling Maggie woke up from her nap

Another nap time

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  1. yikes..where do I start? Gorgeous pages and what a SWEET baby in the pics! The beach looks soooo relaxing..hmm..any wine available? he he he...