Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catching up and just a few things to share....

Last Friday's class with Cari Fennell was fabulous, and the girls were all so much fun. One of the ladies made cupcakes and decorated them with picks that had prima flowers and stamped cameras. They were delicious and well as beautiful!! Some of us drank wine - I of course drank coffee, after all it was a class that didn't start till 7pm and if I drank wine I would have been sleeping lol.

So anyways I was so totally inspired by the class that I made my own mini book using the ideas and techniques we learned. I made this for a girl that we do business with who just had a baby. I made it for her to give to her mother in law. Reason being is that she's super close to her and her mom is not around and this is her first grand baby so I know that she would love to give her something like this but you know how it is when you have a baby who has time to scrapbook. So this she can just put the pics on it and it's all done and ready to give : )
I actually used the packaging from the Vines Divine and the letter stickers because the packaging is much larger so you can fit a 3x5 or 4x6 photo on it no problem. This in one of the inside pages. I made it so the book flips up. For those who might not understand what I'm talking about using the packaging, all the Prima products come in or on packaging that can be reused. They are like a thicker card stock type piece of paper so we put 2 back to back to make it thicker and more sturdy. So to make 3 pages (6 front and back) you need 6 pieces of packaging. Embossed the edges in gold (thanks Cari I love that technique) to make it more like a finished book or one of those old books with the gold leaving on the edges. Makes the packaging look less like packaging.
here are 2 pages together

This here is the front cover but still left room for a picture. I used lace to tie it together and the crop a dile to punch the holes. Will share more pics tonight I have more to upload.

Babysitting Saturday

So excited, Saturday, I get to watch my niece's baby, Pictured here, Maggie. Just adore this little girl. She is 4 months old now (was 3 in this pic) wow time goes by so fast. I get her for the whole day : )


  1. I adore your book!!!! It is amazing and you are so very talented my friend! And that baby is so adorable-lucky!!
    xoxo Cari

  2. Hey Cari,

    Thanks so much for stopping by! And for the sweet comment. Hope you are planning some more classes this fall and winter!!