Monday, August 9, 2010

Stealing my lounge chair

This pic I took Friday of my pugs, from left to right it's Peaches (with the toy), Budha and Pooh Bear. Where is Pebbles you might ask, haha well she's on the other chair with me since there was no room for us on this one :)


  1. ohhhhh! I want a black pug too! Your puggies are just adorable! Too cute. I could just snuggle them to pieces. (I am kinda crazy that way lol)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your PUGS....Have I told you that????? My baby is snoring by my feet rite now! I NEED a black pug!!!

  3. Jane you are too funny! Yeah I'm like the black pug hoarder lol. I only ended up with a fawn because when we went to pick out a puppy, Dan got the last black one (Pooh Bear) and so I ended up with Peaches. But she's my baby and I love her so much! And I have to say that compared to my blackies she listens the best, but when she was a puppy she was the WORST lol, terrorizing Pebbles and just full of non-stop energy. They all have their own unique personalities for sure and my fawn is the "Queen" she's the youngest and she rules the house haha