Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tattered Angels and Pug Design to share

Okay so what I had planned last night just didn't happen, life happened lol. Well I should have known cause I went for my accupuncture appointment and it relaxes me so much that when I'm done I don't want to do a thing except go home and sleep or just relax. So that's pretty much what I did, I went home and sat outside and read for a bit on the deck with the pugs till the mosquitos got too bad and were dive bombing my pugs that I had to take them in. Mind you my pugs are so ridiculous that if I'm inside they don't want to go out and if I'm outside they don't want to go in lol. That's pugs for ya. Then I went inside and enjoyed some air conditioning and just vegged out in front of the TV with the dogs, all the while thinking my scrap area is all clean and ready for me. Well it just didn't happen. But I was checking out the tattered angels blog today and they have a couple cute projects. Check these out:
And they use one of those pins I see they sell at Stampin and Scrappin Time but never know how they are used. Just love the distressing of these projects just so yummy to look at.

And then for all us pug lovers out there check this out:

The card that card Carla createds is just too adorable!

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