Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Never Enough Time

Well I finally had time last night to clean up my scrapbooking area. OMG I literally had stuff piled on the table in bags from June, things I had bought. I actually didn't really have the time but I choose to do that instead of sleep lol. Dan was working late (yet again) so the pugs and I went downstairs and organized. I wouldn't say I'm completely done organizing but my tables are clean and most of the stuff put where I want it. I have to do some reorganizing of my paper I've got stacks that I've bought over the summer and it's just put in a couple of my paper holders all mismatched so I'd never be able to find something if I was looking for it.

I saw on someone elses blog and I wish that I had saved the link so I could share it with you, but they orgainzed their embellishments and scraps of paper by color. I'm so in the habit of organizing my things by "brand", but I think that this would be a much much much better way. So that is going to be my goal....soon haha. But seriously I think it would really help me when I'm scrapbooking to find what I want a lot easier.

I found this great tutorial well a couple actually for making your own fabric flowers and I've tried my hand at a few, they actually turned out cute, but my problem is I don't really have a lot of fabric (BUT I do know someone who does hint hint Karen if you are reading lol)and these can be made with just scraps so I will share those later hopefully if things go as planned tonight and I will post the tutorial for you, so you can try making some of your own as well. Okay back to work, I need to earn that money to support my scrapbooking habit : )


  1. I love organization! I think each person finds what works for "them". I have been going through things and re-oraganizing..and I find it really sparks my creativity ..because I find things, I have havent looked at for some time, or have totally forgotten about.

  2. Oooh, hope you get some more fabric because making flowers is fun and addicting! I tell ya, I like to hit up the remnants bins at Walmart and Joann's. You get GREAT deals and J's especially has a great assortment. It canges over completely each week. At least my store does!