Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Had to share this Poem

Jacquie posted this in the Prone group and I absolutely love it. It's my pugs to a T. I swear that my pugs ribs could be sticking out and the vet would still say they should lose more weight, HA!

Every Pug is overweight,According to my vet.We're all too round, where are our ribs ?It's causing him to fret !

They're lovely at my vets, you know,But quite obsessed with fatness.It's quite a major thing to them,And bordering on madness !!

THE SCALES ! They're in the waiting room,Where everyone can gawp,My heart quite sinks at sight of them,I know there is no hope.

Sallie Ann, my vet nurse, says,"Come on, Monty my dear,bite the bullet, there's a Pug,There's not a thing to fear".

I climb upon the wretched thing,The waiting room is quiet -"You have not lost a single pound,What happened to your diet ?.

I'll let my Mum explain, I think,There's little I can do,I think a Pug looks betterWith an extra pound (or two).

We do not use the F word here,We think it rather rude.Perhaps not slim, but portly,This pug he likes his food.

I'm not a lazy pug, you know,I exercise each day,My Mum controls my meals you see,So healthy I will stay.

Now please dear vets, don't worry,I'll truly watch the pounds,And folks will point at me and sayHe's healthy, though quite round !!

This was published in The Pug Dog Club Bulletin in 2008.........I'm sure many of you can identify with it !!!! Thanks to Pat Bilton, Monty and Lolly xxx

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