Monday, May 10, 2010

We Had Snow this Weekend : (

Well we had wanted to go to camp Friday night and stay over to Saturday. And although our camp has heat with the risk of a thunderstorm we decided not to as Pebbles freaks when there is thunder! Yup it's all about the pugs ; ). So we went Saturday during the day for awhile but it was cold and then started to storm really bad. Needless to say I was in side the whole time. But the good news is that the painter should be done this week, it's coming along really nicely!. So hopefully we will get a chance to go up this weekend for awhile and I will try to get some good pics that show the new colors to post.

Sunday I woke up to SNOW, OMG I thought we were done with this crap for the season! I mean there was actually snow stuck on the ground! Good thing the pugs haven't blown their winter coats yet lol.

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