Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scrappy Finds and Personal Challenge

Soooooo I was shopping a little this weekend, and I decided to stop out at Michael's on Erie Blvd cause sometimes they carry things that the one near me doesn't. Well low and behold I found more than I was looking for ha! When is that not true of any scrapbook/craft store I set foot in!! Anyways I was pleasantly surprised that they had many Prima items on sale and on CLEARANCE! - now I realize that they are probably older products but they are new to me so I bought them anyways : )! AND I couldn't believe that they had a whole line of TIM HOLTZ clear stamps. yup you heard me right Tim Holtlz stamps. I refrained from purchasing every single one and settled on just 2. They also had the acrylic paint dabbers which I love so much so bought a package of those in colors I didn't have. But I also found some neat items in the jewelry dept. Some charms and chains that I thought I could use on my pages on clearance so I picked up a few of those as well. I will try to get a good pic of some of the goodies I bought tonight to post it on here for you to see.

Now - on to other things - my personal challenge. I feel sometimes I get stuck in a rut when scrapbooking but looking thru some altered art and other art magazines seem to inspire me. So I'm challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone and do somethings that I would never normally do on a scrapbook page. Also I find myself looking around the house for something (s) to use that have just been lying around going unused and I don't even mean in my scrapbook/craft things, I mean everywhere. Like the other night I found an old basting brush that I had stored away, so I pulled that out and I'm experimenting with that to see how I can use it on my pages. If I get some time tonight I will take some pics of my experimenting.

Also I read in a blog not that long ago where someone was saying if you haven't used something in your crafts in a long time then you should let it go either give away or sell it. I don't really feel the same although I do know myself I tend to hoard items haha even paper. I mean yes there are things that you might want to part with things you know you'll just never use, but before you do that go into your stash and try to use it. I know for a long time I never wanted to cut or use my paper or even new embellishments but what a goofy thing right?! I mean who's seeing them on my self besides me? So that is my second challenge to myself and to all of you out there dig into your stash and use some old things and use the new ones too, go out and buy that special paper and create something with it. Cause if we don't then no one is getting the pleasure of it and we just wasted our money. Besides if we use up our products - what better excuse to have to go shopping : ) So happy crafting!!

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