Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Layouts to come - and some News

I have this fun layout that I did of my parents 50th wedding anniversary. They were married on the 4th of July and for some reason I never take 4th of July pictures but love 4th of July paper with the red white and blue and the stars and all, its so fun! So will be posting that layout soon as well as the one that I did for the Prima Contest, I think I finally got a good pic of it to share.

Will probably be MIA most of the weekend, we will be going up to camp and we have tons of landscaping to do. The "workers" got all the top soil spread and the edgers in place so it's all ready for planting (yeah I'm spoiled I only have to do the fun part : ).

NEWS FLASH - the sunroom has been started today, they were there bright and early before I left for work, sooooo rumor has it it's going to take about 3 weeks to complete, well I think maybe a little more cause it seems we always add stuff once they start so hopefully in a month it will all be done. I already have my lounge chair that I want for the deck all picked out from Pottery Barn. That's my one special - expensive item that I'm going to get, as I've been wanting one forever!! and for some reason the pic of it that I posted, posted at the top of the page. Well that's what it looks like : ).

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