Monday, May 24, 2010

So much going on

Hi Everyone,

Had a super busy weekend and lots of pics to post but of course they are all still on my phone. No promises in getting it done tonight but I will sure try. My son had his junior prom this weekend on Saturday night. His school being small (he goes to Bishop Grimes for those of you who don't know) they do the Jr and Sr Prom together. He went with this Ex Girlfriend, they both looked great! He has a new girlfriend which was there and he said they danced a lot and then went to an after the prom party together. I have to admit I was very nervous all night praying that nothing would happen to him on prom night. But all was well and he was responsible and safe so I was pleased and happy about that!

They all met up at his friends grandparents house around the corner from us for pics in their beautiful backyard. They all looked so nice wait till you see the pics : )!!

Then Sunday we were up at 4am (I know after a very restless nights sleep while my son was at his prom and the after party) we were on the road by 5am to Dan's son Jeff's College Graduation. He graduated from Suny New Paltz which is about and hour past Albany. (3 1/2 hr drive one way) his graduation was at 10am and if Elias' prom hadn't been the night before I would have went and spend the night before but oh well. So we were back home by 5:30ish last night and I was exhausted!! His son graduated Summa Cumme Laude (I don't know if I spelled that correctly) his major was in English and he his continuing there to get his masters in teaching. He also beat out many candidates including current graduate students (there were only 2 spots open for this position) for a TA position at the colleges and he will get his own class in the fall and gets his tuition paid for for his masters. So we are very proud of him! Pics of him and his dad to follow as well.

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